Happy Belated Birthday Ecards

Life gets busy. That's why Blue Mountain created belated birthday ecards, perfect for those times when you forget to get someone a birthday card. With the ability to send in minutes online, it's never too late to say, “Happy Birthday!”

Never Forget to Wish Someone a Happy Birthday

With a Blue Mountain membership, you can easily set up birthday reminders!

  • Once you’ve picked out the perfect card, select “Personalize and Send”
  • After personalizing and previewing your message, click “Share or Send”
  • When asked how you would like to share your card, choose “Send via Email”
  • Scroll down to the question, “Want to Send This Card Later?”
  • Now you can schedule your card a year in advance and even add it to your reminders calendar!

Join now to access all Blue Mountain benefits and send our great selection of late birthday and belated birthday cards.